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Check out our great selection of baby toys made with silicone beads! These silicone beads, handmade by a local blind girl, are BPA free and machine washable!!

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Hello Everyone!

We’re so happy you stopped in at our Website today! We the owners, Lowell and Jerilyn Brubaker & our two young sons, opened a small but very unique country store in 2017, with a goal of supplying the products we like to the many friends we love to see in our store. Please sit back, check out our many old fashioned and local handmade items online. Next time you are passing through we would love to see you stop by for fresh produce, bulk foods, and fresh baked goodies, baked right here in our store.We also have much more! Gift items, mens and boys jeans, and our very unique Poly Patio furniture! We hope to see you soon in person!


Don't forget to stop by our greenhouse


We stopped by on our way traveling by, to take look at what they have to offer, we ended up getting great priced groceries as well as other unique gift items. Friendly folks. We will absolutely be back!

Nick n Abbey

Love the greenhouse! Some of neatest looking poly furniture and good prices on it, we ended up buying a picnic table, as well as a glider bench.couldn’t be happier! The service was outstanding, the owner loaded everything even helped strap down any loose pieces… We hope to be back soon! Nice Place!

Robert & Lydia Mox


LOVE the chair set we bought. I wish I would have had more than 10 minutes, lol, to look more. Looking forward to coming back. Wish it wasn't a 3 1/2 hour drive. But would be worth it. Thanks again. You all are so friendly and kind.

Valerie F.

Greatest place! With Best prices in Memphis area!The staff will meet you with a smile, carry your groceries out!! Was a wonderful experience!! Will be back!

Tasha Summer


You will love the place! Delicious Baked goods! The Cinnamon rolls are out of this world! Warm homemade bread, the atmosphere is awesome! Friendly people!

Dave Becker

Great grocery prices we were impressed on our first time there and have made it our regular shopping spot!! Outstanding good prices!

Cole Nickler


Love this place! Many neat gift items as well as great prices on groceries!

Janet Nable

Love the place! Mennonite Family owned & operated! Good Prices! Love the baked goods!

Jenny Staber